Hindu Temple Fractals


Here’s something I bet you haven’t talked about down at the coffee shop:

This webpage explores fractal aspects of Hindu temple architecture, examining multiple archetypes and geometry of recursion. It is primarily about architectural design, religious symbolism and imagination. It concerns religious imagination involved in some of the ideas and plans used in Hindu temples. It is not intended to speak to issues of social justice, or economic questions. It is not intended to imply that all temples are the same, or that all temples are perfect institutions. Other studies exist which treat those topics. This short study can offer only a cursory suggestion of the intricacies of the symbol system, the modes of measuring units and proportions, and the reflection of the whole in some of the parts.

“The whole in some of the parts” — ah, yes. That’s how it works, behind the drama.

Now I have something to talk about at Traveller’s Cafe here in Boulder, when they’re not asking if I want a fresh cookie.


3 thoughts on “Hindu Temple Fractals

  1. Amelopsis says:

    jeez, who knew?
    Very interesting, more than I can digest in one sitting, but it does give direction to some abstract questions I’ve posed myself when observing the temples, or photos of them; not least this picture of a carving from a Jain temple: http://tinyurl.com/y8gzcp
    (sorry – not sure if tiny url works in wordpress)

  2. adreampuppet says:

    Tinyurl works here, Amelopsis — and what an image!

    Sacred Science is right up there with my favorite subjects in the world. Mysterious, and yet it resonates right down to our bones. Symbolism is the most direct route to the sould — it points to Truth much more efficiently than mere words.

  3. Amelopsis says:

    I think though that it can be no less complex to fully comprehend. Thinking with a hammer sometimes requires learning of (at least the existence) a lot of other tools.

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