Cherag Training


Hazrat Inayat Khan….

Here’s one reason why Sufism is such a worthy way of life:

“The great work of this activity is to bring about the possibility of people of different religions worshiping together, for all worship one God.”

“The work of a cherag is to help a person to live. Life is eternal, so the cherag must help a person to realize that he is eternal. But that help is always given by the cherag so there is no need to hurry his death in order to tell him that he is immortal.”

“The spirit of the Universal Worship is not only that universal idea of worship, but the spirit of the Universal Worship is the spirit of the Message. Without the spirit of the Message the Universal Worship is a beautiful statue, but with the Message it is a living being.”

“The first thing the cherag must be conscious of is the life of the ordination, the life that is given through the ordination to their spirit, that their spirit has been charged with that life of the Message which they have to give to the world. And the next thing that the cherag has to be conscious of is that by the consciousness of this principle, whatever they will say, the Message will reach unconsciously to the people in the audience.”

Hazrat Inayat Khan

Reading the above, I see that my own path is actually Sufism.

And that’s just fine by me….