Maxims of Swami Vrhka Baba


There’s lots, so I’ll just pick out a few:

1. I think – therefore I do not understand.

5. Machines and institutions grind on while we do all the work of failing to live well.

6. The people we call ‘great’ are just the most-noisily dissatisfied.

12. We who have not killed ourselves know nothing of self-respect.

15. From the Indus to Silicon Valley, the most “successful” societies have been the most dysfunctional.

23. The American Dream: globalising hallucination.

26. The Outsider defines himself not by inclusion in any group but by exclusion from all.

35. Those who do not worship trees and mountains are already dead. The universe is living – but for us whose consciousness is a greed-hole in the head.

44. The more technology we have the more infantilised we get.

47. The most spiritual beings are icebergs.

81. The chief function of culture is, by restricting our awareness, to prevent us from committing suicide.

94. Those most afraid of death are those who never even thought of beginning to live.

124. People are the opiate of religion.

129. Refusal to be employed is the only true Religious Vocation now possible.

That is all….