Lack of Posting


Apologies to everyone for the limited number of posts over the past week or so. ‘Tis the Season for altered daily schedules, family get-togethers, traveling and otherwise just going along with the flow.

While I happen to have finally found myself in a favorite downtown coffee shop, there’s no time to work on the “right meditation” series that I’m planning — and there won’t be time tomorrow, either. Probably next Thursday or Friday, I’m guessing. Meanwhile, I’ll put up a post here and there on items of interest, which are great and all… but they’re not the meat of things, if you know what I’m saying.

We’ll get there.


3 thoughts on “Lack of Posting

  1. Hawk Sr says:

    Thanks, Mike! We are ready, but not impatient!

  2. adreampuppet says:

    Much appreciated, Hawk. Another wave will come along — I can almost feel it.

  3. Freddie Rick says:

    Wanted to say hello – Freddie Rick
    Freddie Rick
    Freddie Rick

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