Homegrown Incense


If your house is like ours, it’s got a stick or two of incense burning whenever anyone’s home, and you’re always looking for a deal to stock up on the good stuff.

Why, I ask myself, don’t I just make my own?

Well, thanks to the miracle of the Internet, I may just give it a shot:

Discover how to make incense the way it’s been made by virtually every civilization since before the Stone Age; with fine natural incense resins, woods and herbs.

Incense making is a meditative and enjoyable way to exercise our creativity. It’s simple, inexpensive and awakens us to the pleasures of earth’s aromatic treasures and our interconnection with nature. Create recipes that greet the rising sun with a clean and invigorating aroma, entertain guests with exotic fragrances, purify indoor spaces, enhance dream activity, relax with a soft, smooth, calming mixture that eases the troubles of the day, or blend a warm, sweet and seductive mixture to stimulate your sensuality for an evening of mystery and intimacy.

Since antiquity incense has been used for creating aromatic, fragrant spaces both indoors and out. Incense has always been deeply intertwined with religious ceremonies as well as the practice of medicine. In fact the first reported healing practices, recorded in ancient Egypt, exposed patients to the smoke of incense for healing.

Strengthen your connection to nature as soft clouds of frankincense, mastic, storax, sandalwood, juniper and lemon grass ascend to the heavens! Lets rediscover the ancient art of how to make incense.

Boy, wait ’til Mrs. AntiSniveler gets a look at this….


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