Meditation Series Update

I apologize for not getting to the next post in this series yesterday (Sunday). I’d intended to spend a couple hours working on it, but ended up getting sucked into other activies, and now it’s Monday and I have difficulty finding quality blogging time from Monday through Thursday. Much of this is due to the fact that, while working my day job, I also fit-in three hours of meditation each day…!

We’ll see how it goes, though. Maybe I’ll be surprised by an opportunity to put a first nuts-and-bolts meditation post together before Friday. If not… we’ll be there soon enough!


One thought on “Meditation Series Update

  1. Hawk Sr says:

    Right timing happens! In the meantime, there is much available to occupy and challenge our thoughts, energies, and creative struggling.

    This morning I read an interview from a few months ago with Karen Armstrong in which she discusses the hard work of good religion (a copy of which I emailed to you). She says: “Religion is hard work. It’s an art form. It’s a way of finding meaning, like art, like painting, like poetry, in a world that is violent and cruel and often seems meaningless. And art is hard work. You don’t just dash off a painting, It takes years of study. I think we expecxt religious knowledge to be instant. But religious knowledge comes incrementally and slowly. And religion is like any other activity. It’s like cooking or sex or science. You have good art, sex and science, and bad art, sex and science. It’s not easy to do it well.”

    So take your time, Mike. We have the rest of our lives to do it well.

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