Cosmology According to the Eastern Church


Lots of interesting reading at this site:

It began some 13.7 billion years ago, more or less, on a day without yesterday, when all of creation emerged from nothing except the will of God. The dark and immensely hot plasma of rapidly expanding primordial creation was eventually pierced by light and populated by the evolution of galaxies and stars interspersed by enormous quantities of gas, dust and energy. Some four and one half billion years ago, more or less, in a distant arm of an average spiral galaxy there formed an average star surrounded by an accreting disc of dust, debris and gases which in time took the form of the planets which we know today. On the third planet from that star, our sun, early life appeared which over the eons evolved into higher forms of animal and plant life dwelling in the seas and covering the land of the planet. Very late in this evolutionary process emerged a species of primate called man which was unlike all other primates and other forms of animate creation in that it possessed consciousness, intelligence, and reason – attributes of the divine spark which we call the human soul. Man, unlike the rest of animate creation, was a moral creature, for having “eaten of the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil”, he possessed the ability to chose between good and evil in his relationships with his Creator and others of his species.

Kind of refreshing, especially when compared with certain other scriptural interpretations of the Creation….


One thought on “Cosmology According to the Eastern Church

  1. Hawk Sr says:

    Interesting compilation!

    I just completed a series of studies with a group of Hispanics, some with a very limited formal education (one to five years) and some with advanced degrees. When they saw how ancient myths and stories were used by various groups of ancient peoples to give expression to their life experiences with the transcendent, they were set free to see how, in their own life journeys, they could get in touch with their own experiences with the bigger picture.

    It’s too bad that we got truncated in rationalism a few centuries ago and got stuck in a world of thought far removed from the old and solid connections with the universe.

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