More Kashmir Saivism



In keeping with my recent interest in the Trika Philosophy of Kashmir Saivism, I thought I’d provide a link to a discussion of the 36 Tattvas, which:

…(D)escribe step-by-step how Supreme Consciousness makes itself appear to itself as limited consciousness stuck in a unconscious world and universe, and thus gets to experience the limited, conditional joys and sorrows of earthly existence, and then describes in a reverse step-by-step process, how that Supreme Consciousness then reveals its own true nature to itself, and thus experiences the outrageous joys of spiritual liberation.

Interesting stuff… and I maintain that reading about it beats getting saturated by the daily news.


6 thoughts on “More Kashmir Saivism

  1. seekingfor says:


    mindblowing stuff once we get a glimpse at it.

  2. Hawk Sr. says:

    I followed the link and printed the Introduction. Thanks.

  3. adreampuppet says:

    seekingfor: as you pointed out in your blog’s post for today, this philosophizing amounts to a pile of meaningless words if we don’t spend time on the cushion. I am, however, enjoying the process of reading this material from the perspective of a dedicated yogi. The words carry much, much more meaning than they did when I was discoving it many years ago.

    Hawk: There’s so much great stuff on the ‘Net, isn’t there?

  4. seekingfor says:


    The material you are presenting here is great. My comments on my blog were more or less intended on a comment to myself. . .just trying to reinforce my own meditation practice.

    I wrote that post after a particulary deep and blissful meditation session. It was one of those, “aha. . .this is what it’s all about moments.”

    My blog is more of a personal journal of my practice. . .trying to rework things from the ground floor.

    However, I am really quite glad that you liked what I had to say, and I have been finding alot of inspiration in what you have been talking about at antisniveler.

  5. adreampuppet says:

    Likewise, I’m enjoying the personal expressions at your blog, seekingfor. Speaking from experience is where the rubber hits the road. You exude earnestness, and that’s something I appreciate highly.

  6. seekingfor says:

    Thank you.

    Keep up the good work.

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