Spending Time with Ramana Maharshi


…at his free downloads page….

A little background on this modern Indian sage:

Throughout the history of mankind spiritual giants have appeared on very rare ocassions to exemplify the Highest Truth, guiding followers by their conduct in every moment of their lives; Sri Ramana Maharshi was such a giant. Unique in our time, He perfectly embodied the ultimate truth of Self-realisation, or complete immersion in God.

Known as the Sage of Arunachala, He spoke and wrote very little. He preferred to communicate through the power of overwhelming Silence, a silence so deep and powerful that it stilled the minds of ardent seekers who were attracted to Him from all over the world.

His highest teaching of ‘Self-enquiry’ was understood in the infinite silence of his presence. Through this silence, countless numbers of devotees and visitors experienced the pure bliss of True Being. That same experience of perfect peace is still available to sincere souls who turn to him and practice his teachings with devotion.

This act of perfect grace can be experienced anywhere, but it is especially palpable at the foot of the holy Arunachala Hill, a hill that has attracted saints and sages for thousands of years. The Maharshi’s teaching of ‘Self-enquiry’ (Pure Advaita) is simplicity itself, requiring no outward formalities, no outer change of life, only a simple change in ‘point of view’ and a sustained effort on the part of the seeker. The goal is no heaven after death or a faraway ideal, but rather the removal of the ignorance that prevents us from knowing that we are eternally One with our Source, the Supreme Self, or God. It is an experience than can be had NOW! All that is required is a sincere effort, which earns us the necessary grace.

On his deathbed the Maharshi told his grieving devotees, “You say I am going away, but where can I go? I am always here. You give too much importance to the body.” His promise of a ‘continued presence’ is daily being experienced by numerous devotees from around the world, and it is that experience of ‘continued presence’ that has inspired many to devote themselves to the path of peace and love.

Devotees are not required to give up their current faith in God (however perceived) and practices of devotion or worship, in fact they are encouraged to continue in them as long as benefit is perceived. Self-enquiry does not require the seeker to leave home, job, family or anything else. Progress depends only upon effort and nothing else and help in Sadhana (Spiritual effort) is always available.

While I’ve managed to extract myself from a strict Advaita (non-dual) philosophical straightjacket (now preferring the Buddha’s teachings as preserved in the Sutta Pitaka of the Pali Canon), I still have a soft spot for Ramana, who was the epitome of simplicity in a life filled with silence. Spending time with him would have to be a spiritual boon, well worth seeking.


7 thoughts on “Spending Time with Ramana Maharshi

  1. seekingfor says:

    “Self-enquiry does not require the seeker to leave home, job, family or anything else. Progress depends only upon effort and nothing else and help in Sadhana (Spiritual effort) is always available.”

    Such an important point. We hone our spiritual practice in the real world. It is through the moments of friction in our lives where spiritual transformation truly takes place.

    I am planning on blogging on this point myself next. I think it is very auspicious that you should allude to it.

    take care

  2. adreampuppet says:

    I’m heading over to your blog to see what you’ve come up with, Gregor….

  3. seekingfor says:

    I have not posted yet.


  4. adreampuppet says:

    No problem, Gregor. I’m having trouble motivating to blog during these Holidays, myself. The things you’ve been posting have been very uplifting for me — again, you have a beautiful blog, offering simplicity combined with personal experience and profound truth.

  5. R. Narayanan says:

    I read your post this morning. I am going to Ramanashram in a week, a wish cherished over the years. I want to sit in silence there. I also want to locate the samadhi of Sri Viswanatha Swami, a relative of the Maharishi, who lived in the Ashram, was on the editorial board of Mountain Path, Iif I am correctly informed, and lived and died as aconfirmed bachelor throughout his life. He is my paternal grand uncle. I am going to be a frequent visitor to your blog from now on. Regards.

  6. adreampuppet says:

    I’m jealous of you, R. Narayanan! Have a wonderful trip to Ramanashram, and please give us a report when you can. It looks like you are a relative of the Maharishi — this, too, is amazing.

    I will add your site to my blogroll, new friend.

  7. sivaraman.k says:

    If I keep silent as Mahan said to realize the reality, I am sleeping totally and do not get anything, I hope you understand in what way I say
    The person who really understood and attained the reality please help me and show the root to it.

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