Craziness in India


Khatu Shyam in non-butterfly form….

Life can be odd:

Jan. 1 – Superstitious Indians flock to see butterfly with ‘holy’ feathers.

The butterfly, which recently appeared at the home of a Hindu devout in India’s northern Gorakhpur city, has been placed carefully in a glass bottle.

A replica of the image of Khatu Shyam, a popular deity synonymous with Hindu God, Lord Krishna, left many baffled in the home of Baijnath Baijal, where it first appeared.

SOUNDBITE: Baijnath Baijal, in whose home the butterfly first appeared, saying (Hindi):
“Our whole family religiously worships the Lord everyday. When I came back from work recently and was performing my daily prayer, this butterfly came and sat on my hand. It did not move for the entire duration of the prayer, leaving us pleasantly surprised. It has increased our devotion for the Lord. Its feathers have the exact replica of the statue of the Lord established at the temple of Khatu Shyam in (northwestern) Rajasthan state and has immense importance for us.”

SOUNDBITE:Vimla, Devotee, saying (Hindi):
“We have no option but to believe what we are seeing. But after seeing it, our devotion to the Lord has increased.”

Go to the link to watch a short video report.


2 thoughts on “Craziness in India

  1. Hawk Sr. says:

    The power of images! When they connect a person or a community with the transcendent, they are truly amazing. How many times did we march under the banner of the Virgen of Guadalupe, tasting in advance the flavor of justice over against the years of oppression?

  2. seekingfor says:


    I found this story very beutifull, thank you so much. I think it points us towards the inter-connectedness of things.

    I wish I could see the video. However, my computer’s drivers on the fritz and I doubt it’ll work.

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