One New Earth (O.N.E.)


Here’s a worthy effort to which I’d like to draw everyone’s attention:

O.N.E. is a non-profit, social organization that seeks to unite human rights efforts worldwide.

The purpose of O.N.E. is to spread positive change through unifying the principles of consciousness and action. Our world is overwhelmed with a plethora of issues that seem so immense that we feel paralyzed in our reactions. Many of us either want to do something or are already doing something to remedy the world’s ills, yet still feel that the struggle toward justice is fragmented. A major objective of O.N.E. is to create a strong network of humanitarians whose talents and knowledge can be called upon to address various issues in society.

They’ve got a wonderful website, ready for your exploration.

It’s what this blog is all about: seeking a positive response to what may otherwise depress us, in the interest of creating a world we all would prefer to inhabit.


One thought on “One New Earth (O.N.E.)

  1. seekingfor says:

    Thanks for pointing me towards this.

    Its seems like an organization that gels with me pretty well. I’m going to see what I can do.

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