Life of the Buddha



Go to the Buddhism Channel to watch a very interesting, 49-minute documentary on this unparalleled spiritual teacher.


10 thoughts on “Life of the Buddha

  1. Hawk Sr. says:


  2. seekingfor says:


    Thanks not a bad flick. Actually pretty good considering it was only forty-nine minutes long.

    I especially liked what the people being interviewed had to say.

  3. seekingfor says:


    Not a bad flick. Actually it was very good considering what it had to cover in only forty-nine minutes.

    I especially enjoyed what the commentators had to say.

  4. seekingfor says:

    Good Video.

    I especially enjoyed what the expert commentators had to add.

  5. seekingfor says:

    Pretty good film. It presented the most allegorical storyline I have seen yet, for the Buddha’s journey towards enlightenment.

    I think we can all assume that the Buddha told his story in this way as a teaching parable. Of course when put into the cultural and historical perspective of the time this all makes perfect sense.

    I liked what the Dalai Lama had to say about Buddhism being is the science of the mind. Or the Abbot at Bohd Gaya’s two word description of Buddhism, “practice mindfulness”

    Many of the other commentators had a lot of great insight to share. All and All, very worth the forty-nine minutes spent watching it.

  6. seekingfor says:

    I should practice more mindfulness in typing! Perhaps, I would be posting less typos.

  7. adreampuppet says:

    Wonderful film review, Gregor — many thanks.

    As for typos — no problem! These are just comments, and we all find ourselves racing through our responses from time to time. It gives our words character.

  8. seekingfor says:

    Thanks for the understanding

  9. david tennat says:

    great film loved it, from the doctor and billie piper

  10. adreampuppet says:

    Thanks for dropping by, David. And yes, beautifully done film.

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