Radical Reverend Bates


Just a quick note of welcome to my new friend, Rev. Hank Bates of Desert Cities Religious Science in Palm Springs, CA.

His brand of Radical Religious Science appeals to my tendency toward taking a practice to its logical extreme — which is to say, I’ve no interest in watered-down spirituality, and Rev. Bates is all about walking the talk when it comes to the business of living in communion with the One Mind.

So, I’ve added his website to my blogroll, and am appreciative of his willingness to engage my earnest questions in a series of email conversations. For those interested in the prospect of 24/7 communion with All That Is, please check him out at the above link….


5 thoughts on “Radical Reverend Bates

  1. Hawk Sr. says:

    Interesting. It seems like most of us. In order to grow and break out of excessively limiting intellectual and spiritual parameters, we have to move on to new territory. Sometimes it means leaving behind old straight jackets that prove to be the products of rather blind socializations in childhood and youth. Other times it involves just growing, deepening and expanding. Rev. Bates has found a good journey on which, obviously, many others wish to join him. I’ll check him out.

  2. adreampuppet says:

    He’s been a very kind and generous person over the past week, Hawk. I’ve been interested in the works of Ernest Holmes for several years now — the whole idea of communing with the One Mind, Infinite Spirit, God… whatever we call It/Her/Him… and claiming a truth for ourselves that we really want, knowing that the One Mind has no choice but to bring this image of our desire into manifestation.

    I always had a grudge against Religious Science, but that’s only because I was confusing it with the Church of Science (Mary Baker Eddy’s group). Religious Science is not necessarily Christian, in fact — some churches are far more Hindu, Buddhist and so forth, while others take religious labels right out of the equation. The main thing is to practice this communion, and I’ve found that my rigorous daily meditation routine lends itself perfectly to this process. In fact, it takes me back to my childhood mystical experiences, when the person of Jesus Christ was so real to me. I practiced “spiritual mind treatment” automatically back then, and I experienced life on a plane that I would not touch on until just a few years ago, at a Buddhist meditation retreat. So, for me, this piece of the puzzle brings me full circle.

    Rev. Bates, as mentioned, sees no reason to water down the basic teachings of Ernest Holmes, who is credited with codifying the Science of Mind as a system that can be learned and practiced by anyone. I like it when teachers don’t compromise for the sake of attracting more adherents, but who remain true to the essence of what’s being taught. This sort of integrity will buy my attention every time.

  3. Christian Medina says:

    seems like The Lord works in more than mysterious ways; here I ma in paradise, so then why does evil exist here in hte heart of man.Srwarms of evil spirits surround htehigher consciousness and I know that it is true.Lord Help Me.
    -a lonely spirit in California..

  4. Christian Medina says:

    you are the man.please pray for me.

  5. adreampuppet says:

    God is all-Powerful, all-Knowing and all-Present, Christian. To the extent that you can live more and more in communion with God — in prayer, spiritual mind treatment, whatever you want to call it — this is the measure by which your outlook on life will improve. To the extend that you give over to a fear of evil, you are in separation from God, and suffering increases.

    So yes, a prayer for you would demand for you a constant communion with God, who will respond to your prayers if you have faith.

    Good to have you here, new friend.

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