Today’s Ramana Moment


Here’s a new site dedicated to Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi.

From the front page:

The degree of happiness that we experience at any moment is directly proportionate to the degree of clarity with which we are then conscious of our true and essential being. Therefore happiness is not only our essential being, but is also our consciousness of our being. In fact, since we are the consciousness that experiences our own being as ‘I am’, we are both being and consciousness. In other words, our essential being is consciousness, or more precisely it is self-consciousness – consciousness that knows itself clearly as ‘I am’. Therefore, since our unobstructed consciousness of our own being is experienced by us as happiness, in our essential nature we are non-dual being, consciousness and happiness.

They offer a free ebook and the promise of more, so if you’re Jonesing for some saintly discussion, this is a great place in which to spend time.


One thought on “Today’s Ramana Moment

  1. seekingfor says:

    Right On!!

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