Gone Fishin’, Apparently….

Been doing other stuff these past four days — including solving the “broken printer” problem, which led to a new HP printer, which has further led to several days of frustration in attempting to install its ridiculously-complicated software. Also, I’ve been getting outside-gigs in terms of money-making opportunities, and this has bumped me out of my normal weekend R&R routine — time usually spent blogging, or at least Web surfing.

Now I’m at the day job, where blogging is verboten, so I’m only able to post this little public service announcement, saying that I’ll be back into shortly.

Thanks for you patience, y’all….


One thought on “Gone Fishin’, Apparently….

  1. Gregor says:


    No problem. We realize that you have a life outside of the Blogosphere.

    I am just getting over a bit of self imposed exile myself. I wish you the best in your endeavors both spiritual and financial.

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