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4 thoughts on “Durga

  1. This is regarding Mr. Sharique Ahmad Khan Niazi’s blog “Blasphemy” of 14th February 2006 on http://goddessdurga.blogspot.com/ . He has mentioned a poster depicting the Hindu Goddess Durga carrying bottles of Greek whiskey and that The National Council of Hindu Temples (UK) is demanding the poster be…

  2. Hawk Sr. says:

    I have mixed responses to this one. We all have the right to honor our gods and to recognize them as holy. But in this small world, that right does not include permission to impose our views on others. Express our outrage and disgust? Of course. Impose sanctions on those who insult our views? Not!

    The best way to honor our gods is to live out what we perceive to be their holiness, and to do that in ways that demonstrate life, love and justice. I don’t mean this judgmentally, but when we are so brittle that caricatures of our faith are threatening, it probably has something to do with the strength of our own faith experience.

    Excuse me if, unintentionally, I offend.

  3. Gariban says:

    Perhaps , this verse is related to this issue. Please forgive me if I offend anybody :

    Qur’an [6/108].”Revile not those unto whom they pray beside Allah(God) lest they wrongfully revile Allah through ignorance. Thus unto every nation have We made their deed seem fair. Then unto their Lord(Rabb) is their return, and He will tell them what they used to do.”

    With Peace and Love

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