Tell ‘Em, Swami!

Swami Vivekananda, principle disciple of Ramakrishna, was not afraid to say it as it is.

Here, in a July 10, 1893 letter, he weighs-in on the priesthood:

Come, be men! Kick out the priests who are always against progress, because they would never mend, their hearts would never become big. They are the offspring of centuries of superstition and tyranny. Root out priest craft first. Come, be men! Come out of your narrow holes and have a look abroad. See how nations are on the march! Do you love man? Do you love your country? Then come, let us struggle for higher and better things; look not back, no, not even if you see the dearest and nearest cry. Look not back, but forward!

Here, here!


3 thoughts on “Tell ‘Em, Swami!

  1. Hawk Sr. says:

    Words that apply as well to the Christian realm where homophobic and controlling establishment freaks so often reign over their frightened flocks!

  2. Gregor says:

    Hello old friend, how are things going?

    Very interesting quote. It reminds me how we see that line between layman and clergyman beginning to blur more and more in Buddhism (especially Soto Zen and the Vipassana/Insight tradition). I think this eradication of such a division is a good thing.



  3. mawasi says:

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