Abusive Guru

If this is you, please take your fishing gear somewhere else:

The Abusive Guru is an all too common phenomenon in the “spiritual supermarket”.

Abusive gurus are almost always highly charismatic, emotionally immature and parasitic sociopaths suffering from Narcissistic personality disorder, and having a tendency to sadomasochistic co-dependency with their disciples and devotees. They justify their abusive treatment in terms of pseudo-spiritual psychobabble like “crazy wisdom” and “breaking down the ego”.

All abusive gurus are False Gurus, although the inverse is not necessarily the case (e.g. you can still have a false guru who is not abusive to their devotees). In other words, no truly enlightened or transenlightened or liberated being, no SadGuru, is ever abusive, ever. There is no exception to this rule, because abusiveness is a result of narcissism and ego, nothing else, and the primary definition of a true guru is they no longer possess ego. Thus any (and I mean any!) abusive behavior of the sort described here immediately and absolutely defines that so-called teacher or so-called master as being of at most partial or limited realisation.

It is the policy of this blog to ban, shun, cast-out and otherwise blot from its existence all personages who match the above description. It has happened once and it can happen again.

We’re here to find common ground, to work toward inner solutions to an outer world gone mad. We’re not here to hurl insults, bask in passive-agressiveness or promote salvation in the guise of insanity.

Just so you know.


4 thoughts on “Abusive Guru

  1. Susannity says:

    Sounds like you have a troll infestation? =/

  2. adreampuppet says:

    Yeah, Susannity — takes the wind right out of my sails. Not for long, though… 😉

    • Sreeni Ambani says:

      Yes many people lies in the name of truth only those who are in contact of any person knows the personality and truthful behavior of a human being, comments can be published with some direct written proof who is victim of any crime or video can be posted on net showing time date and place of a crime when it was happened or a name should be posted who claims he is cheated by someone on this blog , otherwise there is no validity of information on blog becase there is no proof and using bad words against any person on this blog just shows how frustreted is the person who is commenting and this is a proof that shows his demon qulity and bad test and he or she does not dare to show his identity or any victims identity that means is person is a plain lier and one day he or she will be behind bars for his or her crimes .
      That’s all today, it is very common to say anything on Internet against any person and with a blunt lie.

  3. WELL wisher says:

    ONE SUCH ABUSIVE GURU is a 39 year old man calling himself Maharishi Om. Based in Chicago, US with the empire expanding to otehr US cities with millions looted from innocent( maybe foolish) disciples who moved to him from Nithyanand’s clan, obviously wanting to forever be susceptible to these abusive Gurus. This devious Maharishi Om’s only interest is amassing wealth, evn if he has to destry happy families in the process. His blind disciples unable to see his ways see all this as god’s wish….because they consider him god who has needs and wants of a human…greed for money, power, nothing that can even remotely be the charateristic of a true sage. Enlightenment for these fools comes only when everything is lost…money happiness love and their families

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