Is This So Much To Ask?


Insan Kamil (Arabic) Perfect man, God-realized being. One who has realized Allah as his only wealth, cutting away all the wealth of the world.

Also from my current favorite (though, unfortunately, having passed away before I could meet him), Bawa Muhaiyaddeen:

But, children, all those who have a body made of the five elements must undergo suffering. Even though you might be one who has cut away the attachments to the world and the connection to the five elements, nevertheless all those who have a body of these elements will experience difficulty. Only God who has no form does not experience this suffering. I too feel tired just as you do. Why? Because even when you are in a place of truth, there are difficulties. Even for one on the path of God, difficulties can arise through the connection to one’s children. When troubles come to the children, then one of truth asks, “O God, why are You giving these difficulties to the children? Protect them.” The poverty, illnesses, sorrows, and hunger of a child affect the wise man also. These sorrows do affect a man of truth. Because of his physical body, he is shaken a little. Because he has firm faith in God, however, it affects him for only a second or two and then passes. But it does affect him for that moment.

Even though he has given up attachment to the world, the attachment to his children on this path affects him. Once he gives up that attachment, then he is God. But as long as he has this attachment to take God’s children back to God, he is man. Although he is an insan kamil, a representative of God, he still has this attachment to take the children of God back to God and the truth. Because of this, he also has a connection to all the accidents and difficulties that befall his children on this path.

When disease, disturbances from the world, sorrow, the five elements, mind, and desire come to attack one of his children, and the wise man realizes that the child has fallen, he has to lift that child up, care for him, and carry that child with him. That work is a little difficult, and at such times he undergoes suffering. Until he opens that path and hands you over to God’s responsibility, difficulties will come. Until that time, he has to take you carefully, with strong faith. He does not have the world within him, but he is attached to taking you to God and giving you the freedom of your soul. Because of attachment he has to share your suffering.

All those born in this world with the form of the five elements undergo disturbances and sorrow. God alone is the exception. Like all of you, I too have a physical body. God does not have such a body, so for Him it is easy. You must understand this. With every thought you have, sorrows can come to you. They come and they go, but we must have firm faith and certitude in God. When you are affected by the pull of your connections to caste, lust, anger, bloodties, colors, and religion, you feel tired. This weariness does not come from God. It comes because your taproot is not strong enough. If we do not have this strength, we cannot find peace either for ourselves or for others.

False gurus need not apply….


8 thoughts on “Is This So Much To Ask?

  1. seeker2008 says:

    I am curious, have you found a Guru ?. Bawa words are always really touching

  2. adreampuppet says:

    No… but I stopped looking years ago. I figure that if I’m supposed to have an in-the-flesh guru, the right one will find me.

  3. Gariban says:

    Hello Michael,
    How are you? I hope you are well my friend. I had translated this section in to Turkish long time ago. I had cut out the following sentence: “Once he gives up that attachment, then he is God. ” from the translation as this is unacceptable in Islam and Tasawwuf. I do not believe that Bawa Muhaiyaddeen told such thing. This should be a translation error or a contamination. This is probably translated from his speech.

    My own master makes mistakes while speaking as well whenever he gives long speeches, but these errors are cleaned before releasing his words to the public. Somehow I see many errors like this in BMF’s books. If Bawa said something like this , this should be understood in the following meaning:
    Insan-i Kamil is a perfect human being who is coloured with the divine names and adjectives of Allah and He has the beautiful morality of ALLAH. This does not make him ALLAH though. Manifestation of the names of ALLAH in Insan-i Kamil does not mean that ALLAH is within Insan-i Kamil or Insan-i Kamil is ALLAH. Insan-i Kamil is the mirror of ALLAH. ALLAH can not be contained or restricted in time and place. His existence is the real existence while the existence of all His creation is a borrowed existence from Him and they are only shadow beings.

    In English translation of the foreign documents, the term GOD is stuck wherever a divine name is seen. Bawa Muhaiyaddeen used to speak in Tamil not in English. During the translations , some of his words might not have been understood well by the translators or what he meant might not have been explained well in translation work. In Arabic , Al-Haqq(The Truth), Al-Ilah(The God), ALLAH, Ar-Rabb. These are all different names of Allah showing different meanings. Translators are saying GOD to all of these in some documents I read in the internet. We get coloured by the beatiful qualities of ALLAH but We can not become ALLAH. I had made a compilation about the knowledge of ALLAH and published it in our website recently. Here is the link:

    Divine Names of ALLAH:

    Bawa Muhaiyaddeen is still HAYY(alive). A real waliyullah is like the sword being taken out of it’s sheath after he passes away. They do not perish, they are free. It does not matter if you could not reach his lifetime. If you wish to learn, his Himmat will come to you when you study his work and help you to understand it inshaallah(by the will of Allah).

    When you are ready , the real GURU is ready . They will find you or you will be directed to them without knowing. If this is not happening , this means the person should start reviewing his belief system, his sincerity and loyalty to ALLAH and consider the way he is going.

    I hope to see you in my blog as well , come and visit sometimes inshaallah.
    With Peace and Love

  4. adreampuppet says:

    Hello dear friend Gariban,

    So good to see you here! For some reason your message got stuck in the spam filter, and I just now freed it into the light of our awareness. Thank you for discussing translation issues around Bawa’s English teachings, and for reminding us that the real GURU will come when the time is right. Reviewing of my belief system is an ongoing process (as you know!), something that takes place almost constantly throughout each and every day. I do pray that true knowledge and certainty avails themselves to me in this lifetime.

    I will come visit your blog, dear friend….

    Many blessings,

  5. adreampuppet says:

    Hello again Gariban,

    I visited your blog last night and again this morning, and am finding that the links do not work (at least for me). It looks like comments are closed and we are unable to “read more” below the jump… is it just my browser, dear friend, or is this an issue that the webmaster needs to look into?

    Thanks in advance,

  6. gariban says:

    Hello Michael,
    I open it with no problem and I am able to leave a comment without logging as an administrator like any person from the public. It seems like you may have a problem with your browser. I can also view it from my work place as well. There is a song playing at the background from the film, “Bab-i Aziz”. When you open the page it tries to load at the background. Try to wait a few seconds for the song to load when you get in to it,without clicking on the links and enjoy the song as well.
    With Peace and Love

  7. adreampuppet says:

    Very interesting, Gariban.

    I use Firefox on a Linux distribution (OpenSUSE 11.2), and the links are not recognized on your blog. I tried using Konquer, which is the KDE browse for Linux, and I get the same problem.

    So, I downloaded Opera and installed it… and I was able to open comments and other links at your blog.

    Very strange! I am sure that this is not a problem when using Windows or MAC — something to do with either Linux or the default settings that come with this distribution.

    Anyway, thank you for getting back to me. I will access your blog using Opera when I’m on my Linux system.


  8. Gariban says:

    My Dear Friend,
    Everything is interesting, nothing happens coincidently in this life, there is a learning in everything.

    Just as a person needs an appropriate platform to open a webpage to read what is written in it, the evil qualities within our hearts need to be emptied so that our hearts can hear the voice from within and our souls(Nafs) can see what our hearts can hear. Be careful in Qur’an some verses finishes with the saying “Allah is He Who heareth and seeth all things.” e.g Nisa 4/58, 4/134, Isra 01. Hajj 61. First hearing comes then seeing. Without preparing a proper platform , it is difficult to clearly hear and see. In the womb, when a fetus develops, the ears develop before the eyes…

    Body touches,
    Soul(nafs) sees,
    Heart hears,
    Spirit(rooh) smells.

    Qur’an Al-Anfal 21: Be not as those who say: We hear, and they hear not.

    Look, one of the students of Dr.Munir Derman(K.S) is talking about the ziqrullah(Rememberance of ALLAH) resonating within his teacher and how he hears it one day when he was walking with him in the hospital:

    “We were walking towards the exit on the floor of command head quarters in Gulhane Military Hospital.

    My master was holding my hand.

    I felt strangeness within my self all of a sudden.

    All my body started vibrating in to my cells.

    The sound of “ALLAH! Hu!” was coming from the polished marble stones on the ground and from the walls. They were all doing zikr in reverberation and bawling. This state was beyond bearing. When I was nearly going to bawl and was struggling to hold my self not to do it, he squeezed my hand :

    “Calm dawn my child!”…

    I pulled my self together immediately.

    I realised that my master had taken this zikr within himself and had been Haqq with Haqq.

    * He had put his hand on my knee.

    Perhaps tonnes of weight had started to crush my knee.

    My leg was aching..

    Then he removed his hand

    We got up. I got a little difficulty to walk.

    After a long time, I explained this situation to him.

    He smiled at me, and said to my ear by whispering:

    “In this case I was in journey with my self”…

    With Peace and Love

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