Our old StumbleUpon friend Ogmin (aka, Craig from Turtle Hill) has a fine Blogger blog, as well.

Here’s a sample:

Mankind suffers from the narrow viewpoint afforded by conditional consciousness and the largely egological concerns of this present life. We habitually ignore or overlook those aspects of the cosmos which do not relate to the present pursuit of money, food and sex. Through the subtle complexities of causality, one of the more obvious consequences of this mass fixation on self is the wave of extinctions now taking place on all continents. Short-sighted, expedient actions and decisions made by ordinary people are irreversibly changing and impoverishing us all far into the future. In a saner world, awareness of this situation would immediately lead to a global summit to direct all available resources toward measures which might slow (if not stop) this trend, beginning with attention to the most vulnerable species. Like the dark of the moon, the moment passes and it is already tomorrow.

We will all do everything we can while true transformation will not come about through any mechanical process. The nature of consciousness itself provides the key. Beyond all the hope and hype, the media is fixated on absurdities, congress is chasing down baseball players while all the Presidents men conduct business as usual. It doesn’t take a Buddhist to see that on the political front, things are so locked up, fixated on fear, and dumbed down, whatever we might think is practically irrelevant; thus the angle of this blog.

You said it, brother.

I like.


3 thoughts on “Recommendation

  1. Hi Michael.
    I’m going to check out Ogmin’s blog now.
    Thought you might be interested in this.

    Happy Ostara.

  2. Sorry, pressed the post button too soon (story of my life LOL)

  3. Hawk Sr. says:

    It seems that the “people” have lost the sense of connection to the great and profound archetypes of life that truly strengthen, guide and sustain the universe. The substitute is atomistic, isolated, disconnected self-centeredness that is unabashedly proclaimed as divine heritage that we must now propagate and impose on the rest of the world. Is there not a hunger for true life?

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