A Musical Interlude

From Kevin at Acoustics, Health & Sufism:

About this piece, Kevin says,

this is my new thing, using what is called “an adapted” guitar, ie; by placing ‘extra’ bridges onto the neck of the instrument one can play it like a zither or a koto. This also allows for a different set of pitches to be generated that aren’t dependent upon the tempered nature of the frets. The drawback, or variously, the benefit, is that fewer pitches are actually available for use – only six notes in this case. But, who says a pentatonic scale is a drawback anyway?

My inspiration is obviously gamelan music, which is music of Indonesia. The rhythmic flow in their pieces has always been intoxicating for me. The tuning I’ve used is: A Bb (+20 cents sharp) D (+20 cent sharp) Eb F Bb

As a longtime appreciator of Gamelan music, I can only thank Kevin for this offering. I wish the piece could go on for twenty more minutes.

[Cross-posted at Spontaneous Arising….]


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