Of Pinecones In the Brain

This may not be to eveyone’s taste, but David Wilcock‘s discussion of the pineal gland and its relationship with ongoing collective transformation strikes me as riveting.

This is mind candy of the highest order….


9 thoughts on “Of Pinecones In the Brain

  1. innerarchitect says:

    Great video, I caught the beginning and will need to come back for more. The following is part of our next project the convergence between Quantum Physics and Metaphysics, remote communication, thoughts, and the idea that we are all connected:

    dean and susan

  2. adreampuppet says:

    Hello Dean and Susan.

    The video builds as it goes, so it’s definitely worth watching all the way through. Wilcock truly has the gift for expressing the new consciousness paradigm, and his positivity is infectious. He’s right on top of my list of people I’d love to invite over for dinner and hanging out.

    Thanks for the link. I’ll add your site to my blogroll so as to check up on your work during my daily websurf.

  3. innerarchitect says:


    Thank you for adding us to your blogroll as we will do the same. When I have a chance I will watch more as it is extremely compelling!

    Be well!

    dean and susan

  4. innerarchitect says:


    I would love to hear your thoughts on the convergence of Quantum Physics and Metaphysics, remote healing through focused concentration, and the 11th dimension theory.

    dean and susan

  5. adreampuppet says:

    Well, Dean and Susan… I worked in a metaphysical bookstore for many years, and as I devoured my way from section to section like a whale straining plankton, I did spend some time amongst the New Science writers — Fritjof Capra, Fred Alan Wolf, Gary Zukov, etc. — so I’m somewhat familiar with the cross-fertilization between modern physics and the mystic cosmology of contemplative masters down through the ages. Also, as I am a certified Reiki Master, the idea of “remote healing through focused concentration” has been with me for a dozen years or so. The 11th dimension theory — well, not to be too unserious, but I have enough trouble with the first 3 dimensions! šŸ˜‰ Ouspensky’s Tertium Organum (his explanation of 4th dimensional reality) totally blew me away, though I don’t pretend to have understood everything in it, as the man was lightyears ahead of his time. My truthful answer is that I cannot offer an informed opinion on the 11th dimension theory.


  6. innerarchitect says:


    What an impressive background! Wonderful substance factor and so well rounded.

    Are you familiar with Lynn McTaggart? She has championed remote healing for sometime now and her book “The Intention Experiment” is a wonderful research piece into information we should all be taught in school–but never learn.

    The 11the dimension? Well the thought of invisible microscopic universes all touching all having their own realities and in some cases sharing the same characters is so fantastic that I don’t dare mention it to my non-believing friends. Imagine Michael there may be another “you” in another universe living a completely different life.

    That is either food for thought or thought fertilizer. I don’t know which?


  7. adreampuppet says:

    Hi Dean,

    Thanks for the kind words, and for the stimulating conversation.

    I read Lynn McTaggart’s The Field during my time at Lighthouse Books here in Boulder. If I remember correctly, she works with Sheldrake’s concept of a morphic field that connects everyone and everything at a collective consciousness level. The book really had an effect on me at the time, as I was in the midst of a spiritual breakthrough that found verification in her knowledge and insight. I talk about my experience here (in the last few paragraphs).

    The idea of multiple parallel universes is something that’s come to me in dreams and under certain “entheogenic” conditions. Robert Monroe’s Ultimate Journey goes into this concept from an OOB perspective that resonates with my own experience. Also, in Gautama Buddha’s teachings on meditative absorption, he speaks of the four (or five, counting Nibanna) arupa jhanas, or “non-material absorption states,” each of which deals with an “infinite realm,” one of which is called “the domain of infinite space.” This is the state that includes the idea of infinite universes. Apparently, no one has found a way to adequately describe even a fraction of what such a state of consciousness is like — one just has to go there herself.

    Great thought fertilizer, my friend!


  8. Hawk Sr. says:

    Michael: Thank you for this! As one who was connected, sixty years ago, to a rather peripheral religious milieu, open to the presence of the infinite right here in the imminent world, I have an internally programmed afinity to what the video on 2012 presents. Formal education has a way of demythologizing that openness, but I sense a returning spirit of connection that corresponds to the insights expressed in this discussion. Fascinating!

  9. kuniyoshicat says:

    This was a timely find for me. i’m a new subscriber, but enjoy your site,a nd this was the right message for me at the right time. Thanks.

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