God Alone


There’s a movement within Islam that seeks to establish the Qur’an as the one and only source of Truth, leaving out the Hadith and all the other “authorities” that have been established over the centuries.

One website I found that offers a platform for this movement is called Free-Minds.org:

“…O people of the Scripture, let us come to a common agreement between us and between you; that 1) we do not serve except God, and 2) do not set up anything at all with Him, and 3) that none of us takes each other as patrons besides God….” (The Message 3:64)

This website has been created for all people who have a desire to allow God into their lives and follow His path alone…

This website invites all people of various beliefs (Sunni, Shia, Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, Hindu, Bahai, Agnostic, Humanist, and even Atheists) to come and examine for themselves the system of Submission/Islam which is based on God Alone.

Many of you may outwardly be content with your current faith or that which you inherited from your parents and community…but to some out there, there will always be a tugging at the back of their mind that ‘there is something more’, and that ‘some things don’t always make sense’…

If you are one of those people, then open your eyes, put on your thinking cap, and welcome to an open examination of the system of Submission/Islam which very few know about….

How is it that I am so attracted to “roots” groups like this?

The Buddha-inspired support group of which I am a member, the Great Western Vehicle, also rejects all the canonical texts accepted by mainstream Theravada Buddhism, except for the original discourses of the Buddha found in the Sutta Pitaka.

The idea is, as soon as the progenitor of a spiritual movement dies, there is a power struggle that begins almost immediately. Additions to the original teachings quickly creep in, and this process continues down through the years, until what people practice bears almost no resemblance to the original teachings.

There’s a lot to learn in terms of the God Alone movement, but so far I am intrigued. I’ll let you know what I find along the way.

7 thoughts on “God Alone

  1. Edip Yuksel says:

    I inivite your readers to read the Manifesto for Islamic Reform, which is available as a book at http://www.brainbowpress.com or online for free at http://www.islamicreform.org


  2. gariban says:

    There you go Michael,
    The minute you put this article , right arm of Rashad Khalifa , mr edip yuksel,appeared on your website. Here is mr reformist , master of distortion, whose ideas have caused divisions in islamic world. Your ideas could not get a grip and refuted in Turkey, then you are poisining people in English now , aren’t you ? Did you make enough dolars from the books you sold? Are you getting good money from those who are supporting you? Spend it well, you are required for this world as well. Who will help Satan? Who will be the manifestation place for the divine name Ed-Darr: The one who damages. or Al-Mudhill: The one who cause deviation ?

    “No just estimate have they made of Allah: for Allah is He Who is strong and able to carry out his will.” [Al-Hajj 22/74]

    “Give full measure when ye measure, and weigh with a balance that is straight: that is the most fitting and the most advantageous in the final determination” [Al- Isra 35]


  3. adreampuppet says:

    Thank you, Gariban. As you know, this is all very new to me. Having no guidance in my local vicinity, I am left to wander the Internet in hopes of sorting things out as best I can. I also am able to read books recommended by trusted friends… but I do look forward to receiving in-person guidance one day.


  4. Edip Yuksel says:


    You are a slanderer, liar. I have not made a penny from my books. To the contrary, I do not get royalty from my books sold in Turkey (I do not feel comfortable to get the money of the gariban people like you and spend it in the USA) and my books in the USA is mostly distributed through online for free. For instance you can get the Manifesto and its several translation from IslamicReform.org site. You may also get the electronic copy of the Reformist Translation; for instance, see http://www.quranix.com

    By falsely accusing my person, you wish to distract the issues. If you have any respect for truth, you should go read the Manifesto and address the 50+ issues that demonstrates the real nature of your hadith and sunna: fabrications and hearsay, backward, oppressive, contradictory, misogynistic, superstitious, and polytheistic.

    Again, I invite you to defend my specific criticism summarized in a table in the Manifesto for Islamic Reform.


  5. adreampuppet says:

    Hello Edip,

    I find myself in an awkward position, as I have just discovered the “God Alone” movement and am interested in parallels with my experiences within the Theravada Buddhism tradition. My teacher, in fact, lives in Tucson and had a business relationship with Rashad Kahalifa (my teacher fixed Mac computers in the late 80’s and early 90’s) — and my teacher is “infamous” as the Bad Boy of Buddhism, in that he does not recognize any of the Buddhist canonical writings subsequent to the Sutta Pitaka, which records the Buddha’s actual teachings. So, I have a natural curiosity about a movement that is based soley on the Qur’an, without reference to Hadith or any other commentarial/judicial authorities.

    On the other hand, Gariban has been a close and dear friend to me during my exploration of Islam. As I am a mystic (i.e., meditative contemplative), I relate to Sufi teachings, which Gariban is able to help me with in myriad ways — and I understand that the God Alone movment has some “issues” with Sufism, so I am very much interested in your perspective on mysticism within Islam..

    At any rate, I hope that you and Gariban may have a constructive discussion here, as I (for selfish reasons!) would benefit greatly from the knowledge that you both possess.

    Many blessings,

  6. Gariban says:

    Edip Yuksel:
    Liar is not our adjective. I did not get disappointed with the fact that you could not find a royalty in Turkey, because there are valuable muslim scholars answering to your questions.

    There are thousands of people preparing questions list like you do. My relation whose name is “Hasan Kurkcu” wrote 200 pages of answers to your book called “Message” two years a go, showing the flaws at your points. The letter was sent to your publishing company. Enough time has already been wasted upon you. He is wondering Why you have not answered back to him yet. I have just spoken with him tonight over the phone! Let me guess, you have not received such a letter from anybody!..

    With Salaam

  7. Edip Yuksel says:

    No, I have not received such a letter Gariban. I searched my email box and I could not find any letter containing your friend’s name. Furthermore, I searched internet via google by putting the following terms in quotation:

    “husan kurkcu” “edip yuksel”

    And, I also searched their Turkish spelling:

    “husan kurkcu” “edip yüksel”

    And surprise. I got nothing. So, as it seems, either you are hallucinating or your friend. Or, your friend is living in previous century 🙂 Instead of supporting your false accusation by a fictional name, go ahead and read the Manifesto and answer the list of contradiction between the Quran and your Hadith books.


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