About the Progenitor of God Alone

A good Muslim friend of mine wrote to warn me about the God Alone movement, which was initiated by a man named Rashad Khalifa.  Khalifa was an Egyptian scientist who claimed to find a “Qur’an Code” based on the number 19, which he asserted as proof that the Qur’an has come down to us in uncorrupted form.  He ended up in Tucson, AZ, where he was assassinated in the early 90’s.

The above video is a straightforward presentation of the anti-Khalifa position, which is in line with traditional Islam.  I do appreciate having access to this information as I continue to self-educate around the religion of Muhammad.

Thanks, also, to my friend (you know who you are!) who was not afraid to take me to task over a very touchy subject.

2 thoughts on “About the Progenitor of God Alone

  1. gariban says:

    Dear Michael,
    There are people out there who are miracle seekers or adventurists trying to promote their own ego , tricked by their mind and desires. Rashad Khalifa was one of them. They went so far that in the end some of the people who deal with this “miracle of 19” ejected some ayats from Qur’an by claiming that they do not fit in to the code of 19. Prophet Muhammad SAW has not made any explanations to us related to such code appearing in the Qur’an. The hadiths are so important for islam against such people coming up with certain claims. Because a muslim directly looks in to the life of prophet Muhammad SAW and his ashab , then sees if he said something like that or how he was carrying out islamic laws, If he dealt with certain activities or point to some strange things like that. Hadiths are the treasure of islam as well as Qur’an. If there is no life example of prophet Muhammad, many people comment on the verses of Qur’an in the way they like and strange things occur then islam shatters in to pieces. As some evil minded people know that they establish websites to divide islam by promoting only Qur’an as main source and leaving hadiths out.

    A TV speaker who was dealing with this number 19 in Turkey, went after this so much on every programme on TV and his son died on a traffic accident at the age of 19.

    There are miracles in Qur’an which are revealed to some special people who can see things within it, for instance muqatta letters in the beginning of some surats are one of them e.g. ALIF-LAM-MIM on surah Al Bakara. But only some people with wisdom(waliullah) can know them in accordance with their capacity with permittion of Allah. They do not explain everything they know to the public either as some knowledge can only be revealed to people who can handle it, otherwise it poisons the people who can not handle it. There is no end in knowledge coming from Qur’an so everybody gets in accordance with their own capacity.

    Bawa Muhaiyaddeen (rh.a) explained some meanings of some muqatta letters e.g Alif-Lam-Mim in his books in a specific level. However, Bawa Muhaiyaddeen’s descriptions are not well understood in islamic world as well. For instance, a year a go, a site promoting reincarnation came up and used Bawa’s writings to support ideas of reincarnation. I wrote back to them explaining reincarnation is not supported by Bawa and Islam. They understood his explanations wrongly. You can read that article and my answer to it on the following link: http://baharna.com/karma/sufibawa.htm

    I will prepare a section in our website explaining why we can not leave the hadiths out of islam soon and give the link under these posts inshaallah.

    With Salaam and my Prayers

  2. adreampuppet says:

    Thanks once again for all your input, Gariban. I do look forward to the forthcoming explanation, and would be happy to cross-post it here if you would like.

    And thank you, especially, for your prayers. This means a lot to me.


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