New Blog Launch


No, I’m not abandoning this one.

I am, however, starting a new blog designed to establish a narrative specifically around the attainment of meditative absorption (jhana/samadhi).

If you are a dedicated contemplative with a rigorous and skillful meditation practice… or if this is something that interests you in some way… please join me at:


…Which means “Right Absorption,” given as the culminating entry in Gautama Buddha’s Noble Eightfold Path.


2 thoughts on “New Blog Launch

  1. Gariban says:

    Hello Michael,
    You are very quiet these days. I have translated a new document from the book of Turkish Mystic Dr.Munir Derman (K.S). I would advise you to read that. It may help you to understand the resonance of tawheed(Oneness-La ilaha illa Allah) within the heart of human being. Dr.Munir Derman is a Rijaul Ghayb. The one of auliyahs who were permitted to unseen…

    With Peace and Love

  2. adreampuppet says:

    Thanks for pointing me to your latest translation, Gariban. I will need to spend some serious time with it — not light reading!

    Blessings from your friend,

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