My Birthday Reading

This is for the next 12 months in my life — reading from left to right, it goes past-leading-to-present (Queen of Cups) to the present moment (center column — upper card is external influence, bottom card is inner state, the V-shaped middle two cards are “crux” of the moment, with a crossing “challenge” card), followed by an outcome card (the Empress). The Hierophant is the hole-card, which is the overall theme for the reading (spiritual authority, ability to surrender to God and allow internal guidance to flow unimpeded).

I’d say I’m in good shape, so long as I do whatever it takes to stay centered and grounded — from where I can observe the chaotic hurricane swirling all around, knowing that it’s all working itself out according to some higher level of coordination, and that I have a defined place within it.

It’s a year of foundation-building, travel, and breaking free of influences/patterns/beliefs that no longer serve me.

I’m ready!