I spent a couple hours last night and this morning, organizing, pruning and beefing-up the links list along the left sidebar.  The links now open in a new window.

The plan is to add more sites during the next few days — and maybe, if the stars line up correctly, I’ll even write an actual blog post.

Carry on!


Abusive Guru

If this is you, please take your fishing gear somewhere else:

The Abusive Guru is an all too common phenomenon in the “spiritual supermarket”.

Abusive gurus are almost always highly charismatic, emotionally immature and parasitic sociopaths suffering from Narcissistic personality disorder, and having a tendency to sadomasochistic co-dependency with their disciples and devotees. They justify their abusive treatment in terms of pseudo-spiritual psychobabble like “crazy wisdom” and “breaking down the ego”.

All abusive gurus are False Gurus, although the inverse is not necessarily the case (e.g. you can still have a false guru who is not abusive to their devotees). In other words, no truly enlightened or transenlightened or liberated being, no SadGuru, is ever abusive, ever. There is no exception to this rule, because abusiveness is a result of narcissism and ego, nothing else, and the primary definition of a true guru is they no longer possess ego. Thus any (and I mean any!) abusive behavior of the sort described here immediately and absolutely defines that so-called teacher or so-called master as being of at most partial or limited realisation.

It is the policy of this blog to ban, shun, cast-out and otherwise blot from its existence all personages who match the above description. It has happened once and it can happen again.

We’re here to find common ground, to work toward inner solutions to an outer world gone mad. We’re not here to hurl insults, bask in passive-agressiveness or promote salvation in the guise of insanity.

Just so you know.


I’ve decided to allow one comment (out of literally dozens of vicious spam messages received so far) to post, as this one contains an explicit threat against my being. It’s important to document this sort of thing, so here it is. I am saving other messages that contain similar threats and innuendos.

From what I can tell, the person who is writing all these messages is angry because I am “censoring” his inaliable right to say whatever he wants in my blog comments. I would encourage this person to get his own blog, so that he will not be restricted from saying what he wants.

There is deep tranquility and equanimity in my life, and I genuinely hope the best for this unfortunate person.

A Small Request

To my friends who comment here from time to time: Due to a parasitic spam invasion, I’m having to moderate all comments before they post.

So, if your comment does not show up right away, be assured that I’ll be monitoring new comments as often as possible, and that your words will appear in due course.

Hopefully, this person will find someone else to prey upon, so that we can take comments off moderation and return to our normal programming.

[Actually, I shouldn’t wish this person on anyone else — but you understand my meaning….]

Gone Fishin’, Apparently….

Been doing other stuff these past four days — including solving the “broken printer” problem, which led to a new HP printer, which has further led to several days of frustration in attempting to install its ridiculously-complicated software. Also, I’ve been getting outside-gigs in terms of money-making opportunities, and this has bumped me out of my normal weekend R&R routine — time usually spent blogging, or at least Web surfing.

Now I’m at the day job, where blogging is verboten, so I’m only able to post this little public service announcement, saying that I’ll be back into shortly.

Thanks for you patience, y’all….