Meditation Series Update

I apologize for not getting to the next post in this series yesterday (Sunday). I’d intended to spend a couple hours working on it, but ended up getting sucked into other activies, and now it’s Monday and I have difficulty finding quality blogging time from Monday through Thursday. Much of this is due to the fact that, while working my day job, I also fit-in three hours of meditation each day…!

We’ll see how it goes, though. Maybe I’ll be surprised by an opportunity to put a first nuts-and-bolts meditation post together before Friday. If not… we’ll be there soon enough!


Lack of Posting


Apologies to everyone for the limited number of posts over the past week or so. ‘Tis the Season for altered daily schedules, family get-togethers, traveling and otherwise just going along with the flow.

While I happen to have finally found myself in a favorite downtown coffee shop, there’s no time to work on the “right meditation” series that I’m planning — and there won’t be time tomorrow, either. Probably next Thursday or Friday, I’m guessing. Meanwhile, I’ll put up a post here and there on items of interest, which are great and all… but they’re not the meat of things, if you know what I’m saying.

We’ll get there.

Recovery Mode


After an initial energy boost in getting this blog started, I quickly encountered a series of influences that have kept me from plowing onward with daily posts: my birthday happened this past Tuesday, followed by getting the house ready to host Thanksgiving dinner, followed by Thanksgiving dinner (with nearly 20 family and friends throughout the day and night), followed by cleaning up after Thanksgiving dinner… all the while eating way too much, to the point where I’ve just been laying around reading. My mind feels a little sluggish, though emotionally I’m feeling thankful for a solid break in my daily routine.

All of this is to say, I do plan to post like a wild man in the coming days… but I must accept that my head is not in that place right now, and I may as well enjoy the blankness where neurosis prefer to dominate.

See you soon, friends.



I’ve been a blogger for just over two years, complaining and pontificating at Spontaneous Arising. Most of the material there has been socio-political in nature, with the occasional spiritual content thrown in to relax my conscience.

The following question has arisen of late: “If everything sucks, if everything is a conspiracy — if everyone is treating everyone else horribly, taking advantage of their fellow human beings without a thought — what would you propose to do about it?”

Do I have a better idea?

How would I fix things?

I do have an idea or two, and they are related to the process of turning within, following some sort of spiritual practice, and/or adopting a different way of relating to the world — a way based on the inner, as opposed to addressing everything “out there.”

So, I’m starting up this blog to focus solely on The Solution, and I’m leaving the ranting to my other blog.

There are further possibilities for this blog that I’m not yet prepared to talk about, at least not here — though you’ll be among the first to know. For the time being, I’ll be working on the template here, adding links and figuring out the wonderful features that WordPress offers, as opposed to Blogger where I’ve been for the past couple years.

Stay tuned!